“Burn-In” by Dr. Patrick Tran will transcend your mind and transform your life. A dermatologist for over X years, there’s not much that Dr. Tran has yet to encounter. Between surgeries that last 10+ hours, general practice, and juggling a family, Dr. Tran fell victim to
physician burnout and realized right then and there that he needed to make a change. With “Burn-In”, he’s detailed that change and now wants to help you lead your own charge in the battle of physician burnout.


Patrick Tran was a successful dermatologist living happily with his wife and young son in Northern California when his two-year-old son Adrian was diagnosed with cancer. After overcoming his initial devastation, Tran had an epiphany: rather than obsessing over why his son had gotten sick, he decided to instead focus on the fact that medical advances made it possible for Adrian to beat the cancer with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Tran’s life instantly reprioritized, he saw how much time he’d wasted sweating the so-called small stuff and instantly committed to strengthening his relationships with his family and living in the moment.

Before Adrian’s diagnosis, Tran had thought his mission was to help other doctors accomplish what he had: achieve independent wealth through real estate investing and, in the process, avoid doctor burnout. But Tran’s mindset shift after Adrian’s diagnosis taught him that while he had much to teach about real estate investing, his true calling was to show other doctors how to re-shift their priorities so they could learn to find grace and beauty under any circumstances and take ownership of their lives and mindset and create the life of their dreams.


With its jam-packed workdays, time pressures, demanding pace, and emotional intensity, the healthcare environment puts physicians and other specialists at high risk of contracting physician burnout. Burned-out doctors are far more likely to leave practice, reducing the patient’s access to care. Burnout can also threaten the safety of patients when depersonalization leads to poor interaction with patients and when burned-out physicians suffer from impaired memory, attention, and executive function. In his book Burn-In, Dr. Patrick Tran details his battle and triumph over this increasing large epidemic in the medical industry.



“Patrick is an inspiration to be around. Both a constant humble learner and incredibly insightful. He brings a depth of knowledge that is rare in today’s quick sound bite era. His action oriented life is impressive and makes you want to be around him. I recommend anyone given the chance to spend time with Patrick in whatever capacity you can. "

Jake Harris

Author of Best Selling “Catching Knives”, Managing Partner - Harris Bay

“Dr. Patrick Tran lives the gratitude and positivity he teaches.  He is wise beyond his years.  His energy is desperately needed to revive the devalued physician in our disrupted medical profession.”

Dr. Brett Levine, MD

Co-Author of How to Join, Buy, or Merge a Physician’s Practice

“Dr. Tran is a kind-hearted, genuine soul who is on a mission to improve the lives of physicians through teaching them the path to financial freedom through real estate investing. He brings together robust real estate experience with solid values and is truly a great person. It has been a pleasure getting to know him.”

Elaine Stageberg, MD

Founder of Black Swan Investing

“I have been fortunate to witness the incredible growth in wisdom and life perspective Dr. Tran has developed while dealing with his young son’s surprise illness.  Patrick gained a depth of understanding of what is important in life that few us reach even as we age.  His ability to articulate this new mindset to help others is more than impressive. I know I am a better person because of the wisdom of Dr. Patrick Tran.”

Darryl Putnam

Speaker, Writer, Investor and Entrepreneur

“Dr. Patrick Tran has changed my life through teaching me meditation and mindset through his calming presence. He navigates medicine effortlessly while being fully present for his son’s journey surviving cancer. Despite overwhelming odds, he has still crushed it in business, completing over $20,000,000 in triple-net real estate transactions with me in less than 12 months, which we plan to more than double every year! If you want fulfillment in your life while having both time and financial freedom, Patrick can show you the way!”

Matt Onofrio